Imagine running through unspoilt nature
Side by side with African wildlife

The trm Ultra Run

A challenging race off the beaten track with breath-taking scenery. Every stage of the race is different.

Everyone runs his own Xtreme ultra race.

During the race participants can decide to leave the race at any check point and join the rangers in their car.  They can again start the next day.  These participants will receive a certificate taking into account the kilometers they have covered together with a unique t-shirt.


Aug 2020

265 km in 5 stages

Elevation gain/loss
4000m / -3500m

Average day temperature
18C° - 28C°

Max entrances

60 in total

1750 euro
before 1st of November 2019

1950 euro
after 1st of November 2019

Race info & registration

BreathTaking Adventure

Entabeni, at 22 000 hectares, is small by South African standards, but it is one with the most beautiful and varied nature. It is home to the Big 5 and now also to our races. 
You will be running among the wildlife across the savannah, through the bush, making your way along river-beds and climbing up and back down rocky plateaus. Five different ecosystems will be your race stages varying between 1500m and 2000m altitude above sea level.
Entabeni is perfect for a BreathTaking adventure.
You will use our custom-developed technology, called Green Zone, for following the race course which has no preplaced markings.
Each runner wears a display on their wrist, following a green arrow on the display’s screen. If the runner goes off course the arrow turns red, the alarm sounds, and our staff are automatically notified. Every runner is tracked at all times by the race staff using Green Zone, ensuring complete safety of all participants.
The technology is enabled with a personal alarm. Together with the highly-skilled rangers on the ground, the safety of all participants is ensured.
Entabeni means “place of the mountain”, and it is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Waterberg Biosphere. 
Located approximately a four-hour drive north of Johannesburg, Entabeni is malaria-free and boasts five eco-systems. The higher part of the reserve, the plateau, consists of craggy rock formations and grasslands. Below the 600 metre-high rocky precipices of the plateau lies a warmer sandveld ecosystem interspersed with lush wetlands.
The reserve is home to a great diversity of wildlife, including the African Big 5 – elephants, lions, rhinos, leopard and buffalo. You can also see cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, wildebeest, zebras and leopards and several species of antelope.
In total there are 55 mammal species, 300 plants species, 380 bird species and many reptiles and amphibians. The lion is the top predator here.

You will be running for Rhino’s and for...

A part of your entrance fee will be donated to Ntolo Ya Lerato Rhino Orphanage and The Legend African Foundation. Both are located in Entabeni and that’s another reason why we have chosen Entabeni for our races.

Ntolo Ya Lerato Rhino Orphanage was the world’s first orphanage for rhino calves whose mothers have been killed by poachers. Your help will be greatly appreciated and is badly needed - rhinos are being wiped out by poachers for their horn, and we may lose rhinos completely very soon unless drastic changes are made.

Entabeni Safari Conservancy has played a pivotal role over the last few years in many conservation projects in the region - protecting, restoring and rehabilitating the reserve area and its wildlife species and fostering sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with local communities.

Nature conservation in Africa and prevention of rhino extinction is now inseparable from economic realities - your participation in this race shall directly contribute to the process of conservation and sustainable development of the area.


The trm Ultra Run Team


Kurt Alderweireldt
Race director

Kurt, from Belgium, is a vastly experienced endurance athlete - as a triathlete his Ironman results earned him world championship qualifi-cations. As mountain biker he twice won Crocodile Trophy in Australia and he also has several wins and podiums in ultra-marathons around the world.  Now he uses his expertise as athlete and businessman to create his own, unique events.
Andrea Ellesser
Public Relations
Marco Byleveld
Dimitri Stroinovsky
Event manager


Geert Meese
Geert MeeseRace medical director
Geert Vanherwegen
Geert VanherwegenRace doctor
Patricia Schellekens
Patricia SchellekensRace medic
Jan Alderweireldt
Jan AlderweireldtPhysiotherapist


Noke Hermans
Noke HermansLogistics
Maarten Lambeet
Maarten LambeetLogistics

Photography, Media , IT

Fabio Andrade
Fabio AndradeRace photographer
David Brugmans
David BrugmansIT - Webdesign-