A BreathTaking MTB race in South Africa, everybody wants to be part of it! 
The first edition of this Extreme MTB race takes place in august 2020. 

During 6 days participants will cover a distance of 600km.  You will experience an extreme adventure in Entabeni National Park. You will biking among the wildlife, crossing rivers, steep up - and downhill biking. 5 different ecosystems will be your stages varying between 2000m and 2500m altitude. From sandy soils over rocky slopes to the wet marches with most wonderful scenery. 

The daily stages are under supervision of a highly professional team of rangers, the only way to organize this extreme race in a truly safe manner.  This race will certainly be a special and exceptional experience.  Apart from the individual ranking there will also be a team ranking.

More information will follow, places are restricted!

Aug 2020

eSwatini (aka Swaziland), Southeren Africa

MTB race 600 km
4000m / -3500m

Average day temperature
25C° - 35C°

Max entrances
60 in total

1750 euro
before 1st of November 2019

1950 euro 
after 1st of November 2019

Race info & registration

Enter a challenging race off beaten tracks with breathtaking scenery. Every stage will be different. You will experience an extreme adventure in an unspoiled traditional African country in all of his variety, in the cradle of mankind. Immerge in a mysterious and ancient culture and interact with the locals.

The participants are required to bring all the mandatory equipment and food supply as required by the race organizer (see attached equipment list).
Each participant has to carry his/ her mandatory racing equipment during the race (day pack only!) The list of mandatory equipment has been reduced to the minimum!
Food and personal belongings packed in one bag, not exceeding 10kg in weight, will be transported from camp to camp.

A 260km race split into 5 stages in eSwatini’s (aka Swaziland) National Parks running among the wild live, river crossings,  passing through authentic African villages and starting before sunrise with only a head lamp.

The concept of the race is a self-orientational trial. But you will be guided by new technology, custom developed for our Extreme races. This technology will also track you constantly, keeping you monitored and safeguarded by our staff and local Rangers.

Your personal luggage will be taken care off by our staff, you only have to carry food, drinks and safety equipment for your daily needs (± of 3kg). Accommodation for each night during the race is provided by the organization. More information in the mandatory equipment list for download further on the page.